Thursday, January 7, 2010

Facebook Group Available

I happened upon a group on facebook that is for people who have left Quest. Seems to be a support group that has similar aims as our blog. It requires approval to join (which you can request) so I would encourage those of you who are on facebook to check it out. Search the Facebook groups for "Post-Questers Support" and you can't miss it. For the record, I do not run that group, just found it today.



  1. Also, if you join the group, your name will not show up in the Newsfeed. The administrator has made it completely private. It will show up on your info page, though. FYI

    Please also know that the group does not exist to tear any church down, but to help all who come to find healing.

  2. Actually, I think you have to be invited to join now. If anyone wants to join, they should message you privately with their name and you can ask the admin to invite them in.

  3. The group has now been made closed which means that it may be known if you join but no one who is not a member can read the page. We wanted to make it easier to find.