Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love on a Quester

Most of you probably know someone that goes to Quest who is a friend or family member. This makes it all the more difficult to love them sometimes. I know that while I was involved in Quest, I frequently chose to not spend time with my friends or family so I could serve at Quest. This being the case, I know I was very hard to love by the people around me. However, they stuck it out and remained good friends and family and kept loving me even when I was hurting them.

Sounds a lot like Jesus.

They showed me love when I didin't deserve it, and they also spoke the truth to me in love. They encouraged me to see the other side of the picture and listen more to God's voice rather than the voices of leaders who had excessive amounts of authority in my life. I can't tell you how thankful I've been for these key people who exhibited grace, patience, forgiveness, and persistence in prayer on my behalf.

Now is the time for us to love on our Questers. The love of Christ will break down all barriers and keep us united. I can love my Questers, but this doesn't mean that I approve of all their actions, in the same way that Christ loves us but does not always approve of our actions.

Who is the Quester in your life that is particularly hard to love? (rhetorical question please don't answer that) How can you exhibit Christ more in how you interact with them? How can you love them and help them to be open to the truth?

As I have already found out, the questionable beliefs and practices within Quest run deep. Arguments or debates with Questers are usually fruitless and do more damage than repair, so I wouldn't enter into one unless you really knew thats what God wanted you to do.

So go out and love on a Quester. Give it all you've got and let Jesus fill your heart with love and patience. Come back here and feel free to share your experiences. Use anonymity where necessary. Peace be with you.



  1. I'd love to hear about your experience at Quest. Feel free to e-mail me at obidawsn at hotmail dot com

  2. Church of Pete. That's how it started, that is how it (apparently) continues.

  3. Are comments allowed here? Apparently mine aren't...what's the filter?

  4. Your comments are allowed. As far as the filter, that would be me :) . Its only in place so that this blog stays constructive and in line with what Jesus wants for it.

  5. I don't really even know what Quest is, I mean,from what I see here it's obviously a church. But I'm just curious, if you're a post-quester, then that means God must have been calling you to something else. Was he really calling you to bashing Quest? You want us to go love on a quester, but it seems as though you're the one that needs to be loved on.
    Just an outsider's opinion.

  6. Your opinion is always welcome, and I mean always. You are correct when you say that God has called me out of Quest, but definitely not to bash Quest. I've worked very hard to keep this blog "bash-free" if you will. That's not helpful to anyone. And I do quite enjoy your observation about my need to be loved on. Very true! I am just as human as anyone else and need love. The point of this post was for those who have had negative experiences with Quest. It is to encourage them to turn to love rather than react with anger, bitterness, etc. Hope that helps explain a little better.

  7. My wife and I attended Quest. I am deaf and she is an interpreter. One Sunday, the usual interpreter couldn't make it and my wife decided she would interpret for me. We sat by where Pete sat or close to it. During the sermon, we were forcefully moved to a dark corner by the very left most side of the auditorium because they felt it would disrupt the flow of the Holy Spirit and that it would be a distraction for the TV and people. I was very hurt and angry and I left. My wife stayed and tried to explain about deafness and what our needs are. On Christmas eve, they proceeded to move the interpreter to the exact same spot where my wife interpreted so what was the difference? I found out last Sunday they moved the interpreter back to the dark corner (I wasn't there) just so that the camera could capture a woman making pottery while Pete was giving a sermon. Well, wouldn't the woman making the pottery be a distraction as well for people? I also felt cornered by them asking me about my salvation and they fed off my doubt and convinced me I was unsaved (I've been saved for 10 years now). Now, I am feeling really stupid and embarrassed by this. This isn't how a church is supposed to operate. Making people doubt their salvation and feeding off their doubts. I have not heard one bit from them in regards to mentoring or making sure I was being spiritually fed. It's as if I was a "check" for them to add to their number of people saved by them. Anyway, my wife and I have decided not to go there anymore to avoid further damage.

    Thanks for this blog and it helps reading other peoples' experiences and it is so similar.

  8. Sorry that your experience was bad at quest, its not for everyone. Try something more traditional. As for me, I was a heavy drinking man who didnt believe in God. Quest isnt perfect, but since going there ive been sober for nearly 2 years and have repaired my marriage. Could I of done it some where else? No. I attended AA, and therapy for 6 years with no success. Quest isnt for everyone, but it sure helps the majority who seek it.